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Personal Style Analysis

This service generates a comprehensive analysis of your current style. You may already have your own personal style, and you may like to retain most or all of this, while just enhancing it. If you so decide, work will be performed exclusively on the existing style, updating it by tweaking and restyling.

If you want a complete change in your look, you have to think together with RF about the sort of image you would like to achieve. Your desire to change style may reflect changes in personality or in lifestyle. RF will talk to you about how your image can reflect your new personality, or how a new appearance can help you modify your lifestyle. RF will provide practical advice, demonstrating the changes blow by blow.

It may be useful if you identify a fashion reference figure, or even a period of fashion, that particularly appeals to you, so that elements suitable for incorporation into your own personal style can be chosen.
RF will analyze your body shape to talk about the styles that work for it, excluding those that don’t.

RF will identify the clothing styles that enhance your plus points, concealing any aspects that you would prefer to hide. Effects of optical illusion can be used in order to give an optimum balance to the shape and size of your body. This part of the consultation includes personal details and measurements. Remember that whatever your age, shape or size, you can look and feel stunning.

Personal Colour Analysis

uses Colour Analysis to identify a range of hues for your clothes, ensuring that they harmonize with your natural colours: skin, hair and eyes. Often, people wear the colours that they like. But their personal choices many not always correspond to those that are most appropriate for them. Because every person has a unique complexion and eye colour, some colours enhance luminosity and give an air of radiance and wellness, while others will have the opposite effect.

The physical and physiological properties of colour can generate negative effects on appearance, modifying skin colour and facial structure, revealing blemishes, casting shadows in the wrong places and highlighting wrinkling.
Conversely, wearing the correct colours can make your skin glow and eyes sparkle, giving greater definition to the positive features of body structure, and reducing your visual age. By means of optical illusions, colour can make you look slimmer, or taller.

The process involves using a selection of drapes to highlight the strength of your undertone, depth and clarity of your colour profile.At the end of this session, RF will show you colours that you had never previously considered, together with ideal ways of using them.

You will also be given a pocket colour-swatch containing personalized colour combinations. This will be invaluable for future shopping trips with RF.

RF recommends professional make-up and hair style sessions to produce a sparkling look that complements your new image!


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