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The RF Wedding service is designed to make you look your very best and feel very special indeed on your wedding day. The positive emotions will never vanish from all the photographs of your wedding day. RF recommends the best photographers specializing in weddings.

RF has the experience to give you the style that you are searching for, whatever your choice for the occasion: a traditional wedding, a less formal celebration, with a look of chic simplicity, sweeping and dramatic poise, or sumptuous regality.

Let RF reduce the stress of the event by assisting you to shop and ensuring that the most important aspects are taken care of, so that the occasion becomes a real-life fairy tale.

While your wedding day is a unique milestone, there are all sorts of wedding dress styles.

A wedding dress is the most significant and exhilarating item of clothing that you will ever purchase. The style that suits you best is the first question to be solved in the process of wedding day planning.

The right one will be different for every bride. It may be a ball gown, mini dress, smart suit, trouser suit, slip dress, simple dress, fancy dress, jacket and dress or even just a bikini. Accessories may be a veil or a tiara, big hat, feathers, rosebuds, or full length gloves. Footwear could be high heels, smart shoes, or thongs.

RF will provide help in finding the ideal wedding dress by identifying the styles, cuts and fabrics that suit you best, then studying which silhouettes and elements – sleeves, waist, neck, veils and headpieces – complement your shape and personality.

RF will supervise the first fitting and organize successive appointments and alterations.

RF can help you choose dreamy wedding night lingerie that enhances your beauty in and out of your wedding dress.

The shopping list does not end here. RF can help you focus on everything that is needed, from the wardrobe for the wedding itself, to what you will need on your honeymoon.

Personal Wedding Colour

Whether you want to walk down the aisle wearing traditional white or colour, you need to be sure of choosing a personal shade that will set off your natural allure and make you look and feel radiant and glowing.

While the colour that you have in mind may be white, remember that there is a whole world of white! Let RF identify and select the best tone – white, cream, ivory – for you.

Maid of Honour, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids and Guests

After having defined your ideal colour, RF will coordinate the shades of colour worn by maid of honour, bridesmaids, your mother, and all the important participants of your party, so that all the hues around you highlight and complement you, and the overall look of this occasion is one of perfect harmony.

Don’t forget mothers’ importance on this momentous ceremony. They must have the chance to express their pride by looking glowing. RF will help them, too, in finding a stunning outfit, whether it is by having this made or by thoughtfully sourcing a traditional or contemporary dress.

If required, RF’s services can be extended also to the guests.

If you are a guest, and you want to be an outstanding personality in the happy crowd – while not upstaging the bride – RF can help you to choose the ideal style, whether warm and elegant or cool and chic.

Groom, Best Man and Usher

Whatever the mood given to your wedding, the RF Wedding service ensures that the style and colour scheme is also extended to the groom and complements him too . The groom has to feel comfortable, and that means that his clothes must be perfectly suited to his shape and natural style.

RF can also dress best man and ushers for the occasion.

The RF Wedding service will professionally style you for your great day, also recommending make-up artists   and hair styl ists specializing in weddings.

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