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So you are a mother-to-be? That’s fantastic!

During this unique stage in your life, you will feel a lot of excitement, along with the awkwardness caused by the changes in the body that are totally out of your control. In a few weeks, none of the clothes in your cherished wardrobe will fit! You don’t want to forget that you are still an attractive, vibrant woman.

Of course you need maternity wear, but you would like to look as smart and fashionable as you always do. There is no way that you are going to spend the coming months in tracksuits or your husband’s shirts.

Neither do you want to wear the hideous, low-quality clothes with unflattering styles. Maternity garments do not necessarily have to be drab and dull.

RF can help you positively enjoy your newly found curves with clothes that are not just comfortable, but stylish, suggesting the right outfits for any occasion.
RF can present you all the brands creating collections especially for maternity, and in addition all the non maternity clothes that work well together, making you even prouder of your bump and encouraging you to not to try to conceal it.

Baby products and clothes advisory service

A new baby calls for a huge number of products and clothes. RF can provide useful advice on what is needed, so that you can avoid needless purchases and optimize your budget.
During a preliminary meeting, RF will talk to you about your requirements, and compile a list of recommended products.

9th month and Post Maternity

From the 9th month to post-maternity a woman needs to glide through her pregnancy and the following months. It’s time to celebrate with a new wardrobe!

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