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Kids and Teenagers Personal Shopping Trip

offers its services exclusively tailored for kids, teenage girls and boys, and young adults.
Children also have to update their wardrobe, find out which colours and shapes are right for them or maybe they just need an outfit for a special event. RF knows the right retailers specialized in clothing for kids and teenagers, and can organize everything for you, or with you.

Suitcase Packing Service for holiday or business travel

Are you in need of a chic wardrobe for your next holiday trip abroad? Or is there a business trip coming up and you don't know what to pack and what to leave at home? RF can help you maximise the use of the outfits that you take with you, while minimizing the weight and volume of your luggage, by visiting you and assisting in making the right choice of garments from your wardrobe, in function of what you will be doing while you are away and the period of time that you will be travelling.

Waiting List for Must Haves Service

It can sometimes be maddeningly hard to purchase the season's latest fashion items - the things that you can't be seen without. RF can handle the situation, with its connections at all the high-end luxury boutiques, to make sure that all those "must haves" are safely in your possession.

Swap Party Service

What are you going to do with that lovely hat that you can't wear again because you have already worn it too many times? Or those stylish shoes that are still in mint condition because you discovered too late that they were just a little too small? Or that dress that just isn't your colour? You feel that they are too good to just give away. In this case, RF 's Swap Sessions are the ideal answer. They are run for RF members only and enable them to exchange garments, shoes and accessories.

Bra Fitting Service

It is surprising how many women are actually wearing a bra of incorrect size. You will look slimmer and shapelier, with a properly fitting bra, and it will also have positive effects on dress size and posture, giving you a more self-assured poise. RF 's experienced fitters are sensitive to a woman's hesitation about undressing and discovering her "right size".

RF can organize a Private Fitting in your own home, with a fitter and a comprehensive range of sumptuous lingerie. After the necessary measurements, you will be able to experiment with different bra styles until those perfectly suited to you have been identified. Alternatively, RF will accompany you to boutiques or showrooms for a bra fitting service there.

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