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Wardrobe inventory:
understanding the past to plan the future

Reviewing your wardrobe is a fundamental preparatory step in optimizing the results of the Personal Shopping Trip.
RF asks you to keep daily style notes over the course of 1-4 weeks before the Wardrobe Styling day in order to evaluate the clothing that is predominantly worn. RF also recommends its Image Consultancy: Style and Colour Analysis, which is a useful preparation for the Wardrobe Styling Session and subsequently for the Personal Shopping Trip. These three RF services are closely linked.

For the Wardrobe Styling session itself, which is ideally performed a couple of weeks before the Personal Shopping Trip, RF will visit you at your home. The first stage is a discussion of your current style in order to understand your garment purchasing history. This is followed by a thorough audit of your existing wardrobe, which will help you appreciate the changes gradually implemented by the service.

Every item is examined and considered to determine its suitability. At this stage, you will be asked to try on the things that seem unsuitable for your shape and characteristics, to show you exactly what is not successful, and why, to ensure that each garment fits well, and that its size, shape and colour are appropriate.

Making room for the new

It is then possible to start eliminating all the garments that have exceeded their useful life along with items that do not fit or are inappropriately cut with respect to body shape and those that are of inadequate quality. Clothing that reflects fashions of the past can also be removed, and likewise an excess of items that all say virtually the same thing. Making space in your wardrobe makes it easier to allow new clothes to be integrated.

You will not be forced to throw away anything you want to keep. RF will simply ask you to consider the possibility.

In accordance with the image proposed for you, RF will streamline your wardrobe, helping you in actually removing items that you agree can be eliminated, preparing for their consignment to charitable organizations.

Rediscovering what you already own

A Wardrobe Styling session with RF doesn’t mean throwing out everything you already own. Not everyone needs a completely new wardrobe. Some items may be fine as they are. Others may need a little alteration or repair. Certain classic garments don’t date, and other vintage gems need just a little attention to give them a sparkling new look. RF will recommend the best Tailoring service.

RF will concentrate on clothing that needs to be enhanced, and will reorganize the wardrobe, re-coordinating it to develop a series of essential outfits providing you with sufficient choice according to the season and the occasion, such as business, leisure, sports and so forth.
RF will give your wardrobe a new clarity and logic, making it more manageable, maximizing the wearability of what you already have, generating variety, and increasing your choice of outfits.Often RF’s customers are surprised to discover how many complete outfits can be put together without having to go shopping at all! What may seem like a heap of unwearable garments to you may provide the material for some successful new outfits in the hands of RF.
The final wardrobe will include all the basics, and RF will ensure that these are updated every season, providing advice on current trends and how these can be implemented as part of your personal look.

Documenting your new look:
the Personal Style Guide

By the end of the Wardrobe Styling session, RF will have determined where there are definite gaps. This effectively produces your shopping list. The retailers best suited to your style will be listed so that the necessary items can be sourced rapidly. On your shopping day. RF will assist in purchasing the garments needed to complete your new look.
RF will supply you with a Personal Style Guide. This contains photographs of the outfits created by RF, a form of easy reference that helps you remember how to dress for all occasions. It also provides size conversion tables, details on your measurements, fashion tips, wardrobe maintenance schedules, and shopping lists for future purchases.


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